Castello di Petroia Hotel | Choccolate Experience
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Choccolate Experience

Chocolate Experience

8th March – 31st May
15th September – 22nd December

Have you ever experience preparing  home-made Chocolates? Get ready to get hands on messy, in the most delicious food ever discovered, from the world famous town of  “Bacio Perugina”.

The chocolate lesson is guided by Leonardo a real chocolate lover who started to share his passion with all Castello di Petroia guest . The goal is to teach you how to make lovely “cioccolatini”, little gift chocolates that will make fall in love your family and friends back at home. It’s going to be lot of fun .

The lesson last 2 hours, for individuals or groups (max 4 person). You’ll have your own workspace and you’ll learn the tricks of handling chocolate  together with Leonardo who will tell you all the history and curiosity on this ingredient.

After the lesson of course we’ll share with you  all the “cioccolatini” you have prepared.

The cost of the lesson is € 250 (for maximum 4 person at the time)

The cost of the lesson is € 50 per person

The chocolate experience includes:

  • 2 hours lesson with Leonardo in English
  • Chocolate Certificate
  • Booklet with the recipe “how to make Cioccolatini” from scratch
  • Live photo print



+39 075/920287


Lucia Amandoli, Lucia Batazzi and Leonardo will answer you everyday from 9:00 a.m. till 11 p.m. (Rome time)

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Lucia Amandoli, Lucia Batazzi and Leonardo will answer you as soon as possible