Castello di Petroia Hotel | Astronomical BBQ 2019
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Astronomical BBQ 2019

Astronomical BBQs 2019

BBQ Dinner in the square and Astronomical observation

After the recent 4 years of success of this event and the important acknowledgements received (the last one is the award Italive for the best enogastronomic event in Italy) the Astronomical Barbeques are back to Castello di Petroia even this year – on each Friday in July and on 2nd and 10th August 2019.

There are two parts of the evening – The Barbeque in the square of the Castle and the Astronomical observation of the stars.


In the square of the “white pebble” a big brazier will fill the millenary walls with glow and the palate of the guests with flavours. Master Massimo will exhibit his culinary arts among the sparks of the burning coals to prepare for the guests the famous tasty bruschetta umbra (Umbrian toasted bread)and the renowned local meat among which there is the chianina (veal meat) from the valleys of Petroia.


The experts from Astronomitaly will introduce the guests into the knowledge of the sky and using high technological telescopes will show them its breath-taking beauty – from the full moon to the rings of Saturn, from the Milky Way to the galaxies and the nebulae  – millions light years away from us, from the most famous constellations to the double stars.

All this will happen exactly here, at Castello di Petroia, where there is almost no light pollution produced from the city lights and where the sky is deeply dark (the report mag/arcsec2 indicates exactly the value of darkness and at Petroia it is over 21, for which it received the certification GOLD from Astronomitaly).

Castello di Petroia: one of the most beautiful skies in Italy 

The price for the BBQ Dinner + astronomical observation of the stars is

45 € per person, all included.


+39 075/920287


Lucia Amandoli, Lucia Batazzi and Leonardo will answer you everyday from 9:00 a.m. till 11 p.m. (Rome time)


Lucia Amandoli, Lucia Batazzi and Leonardo will answer you as soon as possible