Castello di Petroia Hotel | Honeymoon
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Fairy tale Honeymoon

Your idyllic setting for Romance: let your dream came true

Castello di Petroia is a medieval Castle, dated back 12th and 14th century,  perched on a Umbrian hillside, between Perugia , Assisi and Gubbio.


It doesn’t get more fairy tale than this: we offer enchanting Suites, with endless views, a romantic scenery where you can strengthen your love for your beloved wife/husband.

Experience the romance life of Duke & Duchess

The Castle of Federico da Montefeltro

  • It’s true, you can sleep in a real medieval Fortress, where duke Federico da Montefeltro and his wife Battista Sforza loved each other;


  • You’ll experience unique Suites, very large and romantic, with breath taken views;


  • Exclusive stay, only granted to 15 couples at the time;

Many exclusive cuddles

  • You’ll be cuddle by a professional and passionate staff, whose main goal is to make your stay inside Castello di Petroia as a life time memory.


  • Candle light dinner, surrounded by more than a thousand years stone walls, warm atmosphere and fine service, as it used to be in the ancient noble Castle. It’s possible to have a private romantic dinner.

Unique Experiences

  • We can organize some unique experiences, which will remain for ever in your memories, like astronomical observation, or truffle hunting with our dog Stella.


  • Walk hand in hand with your love, inside the Castle private and wild parl

The most romantic rooms for honeymoon

These are the top choices bedrooms for honeymooners

Suites “Imperiale”

 Round Jacuzzi for 2 and shower
 from 42 to 64 sqm
 Min-Max 230/260

Suites “Reale”

 Corner Jacuzzi and Shower
from 42 to 60 sqm
Min-Max 210/230

Medieval Tower

Standard whirpool bath
31 sqm total – 3 floors + private top terrace

Min-Max 180/210

See all bedrooms

Suites “Ducale”

 from 45 to 65 sqm
 Min-Max 180/210

Bedrooms “Nobiliare”

 Standard whirlpool bath and  shower
 30 sqm
 Min-Max 150/180

Bedroom “Signorile”

20 sqm
Min-Max 120/150


+39 075/920287


Lucia Amandoli, Lucia Batazzi and Leonardo will answer you everyday from 9:00 a.m. till 11 p.m. (Rome time)


    Lucia Amandoli, Lucia Batazzi and Leonardo will answer you as soon as possible