Castello di Petroia Hotel | Sleeping in History
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Sleeping in History

Sleeping in History

Have you ever experienced a night in a Castle with more than a thousand years history?

Castello di Petroia is a medieval Castle, dated back 12th and 14th century,  perched on an Umbrian hillside, between Perugia , Assisi and Gubbio.


It doesn’t get more fairy tale than this: enchanting  bedrooms,   where you’ll feel like sleeping in history, looking at the endless breath taken views over the surrounded meadows.

The thousand-year history of the Castle

The origins of Castello di Petroia are to be found in the year 1072, when the independent town of Gubbio built castles to protect its territories.


  • In 1384 the Count of Montefeltro occupied Gubbio and became both the Lord of the city and the Castle. 30 years later the Castle was sold to the Accomanducci family.


  • On 7th June 1422 the young Elisabetta degli Accomanducci gave birth to Federico da Montefeltro, the famous Duke of Urbino and one of the most important Italian Renaissance warlords.



Castello di Petroia had different owners over the centuries. Many famous families lived here… more
  • In 1396 the Count Galasso da Montefeltro bought the Castle and the lands of Petroia.
  • In 1414, Matteo degli Accomanducci from Urbino purchased Petroia.
  • In 1458 Elisabetta degli Accomanducci inherited the entire property and received feudal titles that remained in the family for three generations.
  • In 1487 Guidubaldo da Montefeltro gave the castle and its lands to Alessandro Reggeri from Canossa. The property remained in the hands of his family for 4 generations.
  • In 1617 Camilla di Canossa, who had no children, donated the Castle to Monte di Pietà of Reggio Emilia (a mortgage institution for charity).
  • In 1629 Monte di Pietà sold the Castle to the Ugolini family.
  • From 1823 on, the Castle and its lands belonged to the Benveduti family (marquises of Gubbio).
  • In 1925 (on Good Friday) the whole property was bought by David Sagrini and 20 years ago, Carlo Claudio Sagrini turned it into “Castello di Petroia relais”.

The most typical Castle’s style bedrooms

If you want to experience the authentic medieval atmosphere, out of the 15 Castle’s bedrooms we recommend you to choose:

Medieval Tower

Standard whirpool bath
31 sqm total – 3 floors + private top terrace

Min-Max 180/210

The Medieval tower is the most antique structure inside Castello di Petroia.

The bedrooms climbs up to 15 meter height. At the very top the breath-taking panoramic terrace has a sight that looks over the Appennini mountains thought the Castle valleys.

Sleeping in the Tower is like sleeping in history.

Suites “Ducale”

 from 45 to 65 sqm
 Min-Max 180/210

Extraordinary antique and luxurious rooms, with painted ceilings, XVI century wooden beams, original furniture, such as queen size beds, dressers and seats. With en-suite living halls and large bedrooms, these Suites are the original bedroom of the Noble families of the Castle.

Bedrooms “Nobiliare”

 Standard whirlpool bath and  shower
 30 sqm
 Min-Max 150/180

Nobiliare “della Giarrettiera” and “dell’Emellino” were honour award name given to Federico da Montefeltro, the most well-known renaissance knight of Italy, born in Petroia in 1422.  These bedroom have important beds, from the late XVIII century, one in iron and the other one in turned walnut wood  and light painted with Renaissance colour walls. The flooring is made with artisan handmade terracotta tile, to rebuild the original one.


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