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Before catering and hospitality, the Castle was the base of the great farm that still continues its activity: the breeding of the Chianina breed, production of extra virgin olive oil, honey and jams.
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Farm products

Farm products

Prima della ristorazione e dell’ospitalità, il Castello era la base della grande azienda agricola

Dal momento della sua costruzione Petroia ha avuto, e continua ancora ad avere, una forte vocazione agreste. Nei suoi 300 ettari oggi come allora i contadini continuano una tradizione che qui non si è mai interrotta.

“CHIANINA” Veal breeding


Castello di Petroia farm is dedicated mostly to the “Chianina” Veal Cattle: our 90 veals pasture inside the entire estate.

The “Chianina” was a well-known breed by Ancient Romans, used mostly to work the grounds. Today it is a valuable veal meat and with its PGI certificate (protected geographical indication) is a guaranty of quality.

You can taste it personally in our restaurant.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In October the harvest of one of the most precious products of our land begins. Handpicked olives are daily brought to our cold press Oil mill and turn into “l’Oro de Petroja” – our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


It has a straw yellow colour, a sense of fresh cut herbs, a bitter and well balanced spicy taste, thanks to the ancient olive trees variety.


Tartufo nero del Castello di Petroia

The overabundance of “Truffle Plants” inside the 600 acres estate of Castello di Petroia, the proper climate and landform, create the perfect conditions for the growth of the Umbrian black Truffle.


Our Chef will make you taste it with some delicious pasta or meat dishes in our restaurant.


There are some bee colonies living in the natural surroundings of Castello di Petroia. They are very important for our eco-system, because testifying a high quality environment and help pollination.


The bees find horse chestnut, acacia, lavender and many fruit trees flowers and thanks to their work, our farmer harvests every year a sweet and ambered honey.

Hand-made Jams

Quinces, apricots, pears, figs and walnuts are just some of the hand-made jams produced by “Signora Natalia”, the Lady of the Castle.


With a unique flavour combination, our delicious Jams are BIO, served every morning at breakfast and during an aperitif with matured Umbrian cheeses.

For questions about farm products or for other information


+39 075/920287


Lucia,Bori and Leonardo will answer you everyday from 9:00 a.m. till 11 p.m. (Rome time)


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