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Dishes in full respect of the freshness and genuineness of the products, originating from our territory. A menu that follows the natural course of the seasons is the proposal of Chef Walter Passeri.
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The menu

Summer Menù



Veal loin with pears and Pecorino cheese- € 12,00.


A summer soup of aubergine, tomato and buffalo cheese – € 12,00.


A stuffed tomato with burrata cheese, parsley, basil and garlic oil – € 12,00.

First Courses

Hand-made tortelli with Chianina veal fillet and scented tomatoes – € 16,00.


Garganelli pasta with pesto, dried fruit and pecorino cheese – € 12,00.


Spaghetti with truffle from Petroia estate – € 19,00.

Main Courses

“Chianina” veal sirloin with special Peck salts and Petroia extra virgin olive oil – € 23,00.


Pork fillet with scent of berries, rosemary and castle olive oil  – € 19,00.


Chianina veal carpaccio light cooked with rustic mustard , Reggiano and Truffle  – € 25,00.


Bianco Mangiare, the most famous Renaissance dessert – € 7,00.


Tiramisù flavoured with sweet vin santo wine – € 8,00.


Our honey semifreddo and amaretto biscuit   – € 8,00.


Handmade Tozzetti cookies and vin santo wine   – € 8,00.


Millefoglie ( thousand leaves) with strawberry sauce   – € 8,00.

Umbrian Medieval Menu

“Bigonza”: pork meat barrel tasty (typical 16th century dish) – € 11,00


Chicken livers with red onion from Cannara – € 12,00


Umbian puff pastry roll with pumpkin sauce and candy wine – € 13,00


“Penchi” pasta with bacon and goat ricotta (typical 14th century dish) – € 13,00


Strangozzi with our growing’s Chianina veal ragout – € 12,00


Zuppa di farro con piselli e pancetta stagionata – € 11,00


Veal “alla ghiotta” (typical from Perugia) – € 20,00


Stuffed pigeon (typical peasant Sunday dish) – € 19,00


* Dishes are subject to daily changes.

From the farm to the table

Our breadpasta and desserts are hand-made at the Castle.

The meats are all highly selected and the veal “Chianina” comes from our farm breeding.

The Truffle comes from our estate.

We produce our Extra virgin olive oil.

The mix flowered honey comes from our farm.

Farm Products

Find out what our 600 acres farm produces

For information about our dishes or for more questions


+39 075/920287


Lucia,Bori and Leonardo will answer you everyday from 9:00 a.m. till 11 p.m. (Rome time)


    Lucia Amandoli, Lucia Batazzi and Leonardo will answer you as soon as possible